Monday, August 21 2017

Solar Eclipse Celebration: Love & Unity Under One Sun

The eclipse (at 1:27pm) is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so there will be celebrations all over town, but the Love & Unity Under One Sun event at Hadley Park will be of particular interest to us: The NPJC, EarthMatters, and other local progressive organizations will have booths, giving out information about how they want to change the world. Also music, speakers, food, drinks and crafts vendors.

The organizers are looking for more vendors (especially, for healthy food and drinks) and more nonprofit organizations to have booths at this event; people interested in that can get in touch with

Reminder: The only time it's safe to look at the eclipse is during the few moments when the sun is completely covered (and during those moments there's nothing to see anyway -- the whole point is that it's remarkable that there's NOTHING to see). As long as even a small part of the sun is still showing, looking in that direction without special equipment WILL DAMAGE YOUR EYES. Looking away from the sun, toward a pinhole projection, is a bit less exciting but is perfectly safe.

Or, you can get FREE ECLIPSE GLASSES by registering in advance:

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