Saturday, December 9 2017
10:00am - 3:00pm

Battle of Nashville 153rd Anniversary

A living history event at Fort Negley.

There is nothing political in this event -- or at least, I would guess the organizers of the event don't see anything political in it -- but your calendar editor is wondering if this would be a good opportunity for a protest against war and slavery. We need to tell people that war is NOT a glorious adventure, not a moment for pride in our history and culture. A great battle is like a great famine -- it's nothing to celebrate, nothing to play at. I suppose you could celebrate the fact that some people survived, but we don't seem to have learned our lesson and stopped fighting. By the way, bombs from the USA currently are causing famine in Yemen, and the USA's recent overthrow of democracy in Libya has led to the rebirth of slavery in that country.

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