Tuesday, December 12 2017
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Masculinity, Mental Health & Hip-Hop

Young Black men are being bombarded with toxic messages about masculinity that need to constantly be deconstructed and restored for them to maintain optimal mental health. Join us for a discussion about the intersections between state violence and intercommunity violence, current and historical trauma, hip hop, love, education, and manhood. It will include a multimedia presentation that offers insight about the necessity of cultural identity, good character, literacy, the will to resist, compassionate relationships and critical thinking in the minds and hearts of young Black men. Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore, 2721 Jefferson St, Nashville 37208.



Editor's comment: Young white men are being bombarded with sick messages too. For instance, the military want them to join "the few, the proud," to go kill innocent black and brown men in other countries.

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