Tuesday, May 29 2018
4:00pm - 7:00pm

Trump in Nash­ville

President Trump will appear at a fundraiser event in Municipal Auditorium, 417 4th Ave N, Nashville 37219. Some people who have paid for tickets will be inside the auditorium, but there may be a lot more of us outside waving signs, either for Trump or against him. (Probably more against him, among readers of this calendar. My own sign probably will say "the problems didn't start with Trump," as I'm opposed to both of the money parties.) I'm pleased to say that in past presidential visits to Nashville, the "for" and "against" crowds have not come to blows against each other; I hope that peaceful record will continue. Below is more info about this event. It is possible that Trump will be at two events in Nashville that day; if I get information about the other event, I'll post it here as well.



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