Sunday, September 23 2018 - Saturday, September 29 2018

Banned Books Week

Sept 23-29. Banned Books Week is annually the last week in September. It's sponsored by the American Library Association and other organizations. One of the annual national events is a press release listing the ten books that were challenged most in the preceding year. Censorship is very relevant in the news today, in a number of ways -- e.g., with Facebook and Google censoring their representation of assorted left-wing websites, and with the Washington establishment gunning for whistleblower Julian Assange. So far, the only local event that I know of consists of our own downtown library screening a series of films that -- as far as I can tell -- has nothing to do with any books that have been banned or challenged. If anyone wants to do a rally against censorship, this would be a good week to do it; let me know ( and I'll advertise it here.

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