Thursday, November 1 2018 - Saturday, November 3 2018

It Can't Happen Here

Suggested donations of $10 accepted at the door. Reservations are recommended and are available at

Darkhorse Theater (4610 Charlotte Avenue)

What would happen is the United States elected the wrong president in 1936 and the country descended into fascism? The Humanity Theatre Project will explore that very question as it launches its first season with a staged reading of It Can’t Happen Here (Part 1) adapted by Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen from the novel by Sinclair Lewis.

A discussion featuring panelists from the community will follow each performance.

Based on the 1930s dystopian of the same name, It Can’t Happen Here presents a cautionary, semi-satirical look at the fragility of democracy. Adapted for the stage by Berkeley Rep in 2016, this new version follows the ascent of Senator Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip (loosely based on Huey P. Long), a demagogue who easily wins the 1936 presidential election by promising to return the country to greatness. The rise of Windrip is watched disapprovingly by Doremus Jessup, the editor of the Fort Beulah Daily Informer. As Windrip comes down on the press, Jessup winds up in the crosshairs while others reassure themselves that fascism cannot “happen here.” Sinclair Lewis’ eerily prescient 1935 novel gets a fresh update in this adaptation that examines what brings a citizenry to the point of sacrificing its own freedom.

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