Friday, March 29 2019 - Sunday, March 31 2019

Unrig Summit

March 29-31. A three-day conference to unrig the elections. "Convening the best minds from right and left." Some of the speakers are people whose names I recognize -- Nina Turner, Larry Lessig, Zephyr Teachout, Tulsi Gabbard.

Individual ticket $355, or $155 for people with limited income. Plus parking. (Funny how it costs so much to participate in an effort to get the money out of politics.)

$75 with discount code LOCAL75.


(Editorial comment: These people are talking about using regulations to get the money out of politics. They are not talking about ending capitalism. I am pessimistic about their approach. Money IS influence, and I believe it will find its way through or around any legislation. I believe the only way to end rule by the wealthy class is to not HAVE a wealthy class. That will require a different economic system. That, in turn, will require huge popular support. That, in turn, will require a massive education effort. I'm doing my part -- see my leaflets and videos at .)

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